Monday, 13 August 2007

Hmmmm Spring.....

Although Spring does not "officially" begin until September, at AustralianFlavour we have our spring stock starting to arrive in August. Luckily enough, here in QLD we've beeen teased with a few warm days this past week, which make thinking about putting together a new Spring wardrobe, much more viable. To me summer dressing is about the simplicity in being able to throw an outfit together, with a basic dress and sandals which will look and feel great.

These days, with the explosion of the Internet and especially Internet Shopping, so many designers, celebrity photos and online boutiques are now instantly in front of us, tempting us to spend money to stay up to date with every trend. We are enticed to obtain exaclty what our favourite celebrities are wearing, everywhere we look, whether it be endorsments or paparazzi photos. Frustrating though, is when we discover that gorgeous dress we've fallen in love with, comes with just as an amazingly large price tag. Thus, I have decided to start adding to my blog, some of my own online finds. I don't wish to tease you with my exeedingly expensive discoveries, but to show you that there are much more economical versions, which will still look and feel amazing. I hope you find it enjoyable and helpful! (I'm sure your bank balance will be greatful!)

Bec & Bridge Dress Available at AustralianFlavour in October